NTMA’s mission is to help members of the U.S. precision custom manufacturing industry achieve profitable growth and business success in a global economy through education, technology, networking, programs and services. To help us achieve our mission and bring more offerings to our members, we have partnered with Tooling U-SME! 

Through NTMA’s partnership with Tooling U-SME, we can expand our training offering and deliver solutions on the most needed manufacturing topics not currently offered through NTMA-U. Turnkey Training from Tooling U-SME is a series of predefined online curriculum packages for core manufacturing job roles. The best part of Turnkey Training: You don’t have to take employees away from their jobs for more than 4-5 hours per month! 

Turnkey Training is offered in the following functional areas: 

  • Additive 
  • Assembly 
  • Composites 
  • Engineering 
  • Forming, Fabrication, Stamping 
  • Machining 
  • Maintenance 
  • Manufacturing Awareness 
  • Plastics Processing 
  • Quality 
  • Welding 

For more information on Tooling U-SME’s Training Packages,  fill out the form below and Tooling U-SME will reach out to discuss. 

If you have questions about NTMA-U or apprenticeship programs, please get in touch with Jenny Stupica, NTMA’s Workforce Development Director, at jstupica@ntma.org.

*Only new Tooling U-SME customers are eligible for the discount. Existing customers should reach out to their Tooling U-SME contact for more information.  

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